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  Custom Cross


Custom Cross:

Breed Info:   These puppies are the result of breeding two registered toy breeds.  We raise Maltese and Yorkie Custom Cross (Morkie) and Maltese Shih Tzu Custom Cross (MalteShu).   These little puppies are very happy go lucky, do not shed and will have reduced health risks compared to some of the pure breed dogs.   We do dock our Morkie puppies tails and the Malte-Shu's will have a full curling tail that is held over the back.   This is a good way for you to get your "One Of A Kind" puppy! 

Size: Shoulder height: 5-10 inches. Weight: They are generally 4-7lbs.  Our Yorkie and Maltese Sires are 4.5lbs so our puppies are usually on the smaller side and sometimes Tea-Cup size.  

Coat:  Coat colors can vary in any color and  pattern and are usually longer silk coats when mature.   Our Morkies are usually Black/Gold in color but sometimes we do get a Red/Sable.    Malte-Shu's are usually white and sometimes have dark spots like a Shih Tzu.

Character:  These dogs are affectionate, uncomplicated, gentle, intelligent and sensitive. 

Temperament:  Very happy go lucky and love to be part of a family.   Our adult dogs are all family dogs and can be trusted with any age of children and they do pass these temperaments along to their puppies.

Care:  Mild coat care with weekly combings.  

Training: Very intelligent - house train easily.

Activity: Like all toy breeds, Custom Cross enjoy human companionship immensely and will enthusiastically share any activity with their owners.  They do make a great apartment pet and love outdoor activity.  They will adapt to your style of exercise.