New Puppies French Brittany


Country of Origin: France.

Size: Shoulder height: 17.5 - 20.5 inches).

Coat: Is either flat or wavy. Can be orange and white, liver and white, tri-colored, or black.

Character: This dog is athletic, intelligent, quick and curious.

Temperament: This dog gets along well with children and any household pets.  They can be a loyal family members and love attention.

Care: Regular grooming with a brush is recommended around the ears and longer leg hair to prevent matting.    Coat is silky, soft and thin however and weathers very well.

Training: The intelligence of this breed makes training fairly easy.

Activity: The Brittany requires good outdoor exercise every day.   This makes it unsuitable for apartment life only.  It is happiest living where it can run freely and taking part in field sports or any outdoor activity.

Interesting Info About The French Brittany: The French Brittany is the forefather to the American Brittany.  It is smaller in size and can be multicolored in its coloration. The French Brittany has a more relaxed style than the American Brittany.  The average weight of a French Brittany is 35 lbs and the average height is 19" at the shoulder. The body is about the same length as its height. This breed is used as a sporting dog, especially in pointing and retrieving small game and birds.  They are growing in popularity as house dogs because of their size, intelligence, ease of training and beauty!